About Our Maine Sailing Adventures

Difficult to Describe, Easy to Love, Hard to Leave


Every Day Brings a New Adventure

The Isaac H. Evans

Passengers helping hoist the sails. Photo credit: Jeff Greenberg
It's hard to describe our cruises because with no set itinerary every sailing trip is a new adventure. To some people the sailing is the best part, to others it's the scenery. Some rave about the food, and some talk about the people they meet that quickly become new friends. But all agree, the easy relaxing atmosphere of being on a windjammer in Maine makes it a vacation they can't forget, which may be why so many guests return from year to year. Some have said it is just like sailing into a postcard.

Your windjammer vacation starts from the minute you walk aboard. You can sense the power and history that an original sailing vessel possesses. The Captain and crew welcome you, show you to your cabin, and give you an informal tour. It will be your home for the next few days, so they will do their best to make sure that you are comfortable. Tomorrow morning there will be the excitement of getting underway, but the first night you'll fall asleep knowing you are amongst new friends.

Breakfast is served, dishes are done, and with guidance from the crew, you lend a hand hoisting the sails, and help to get the schooner going. It's a day at sea spent watching the scenery go by, feeling the wind and sun, eating and relaxing. Seals, eagles, porpoises, islands, and lighthouses, so much to see, but you don't have to worry about making reservations for lunch or dinner.
Our cooks make everything from fresh local ingredients Time for brunch! Life on deck
You can smell the wonderful things cooking in the galley; fresh homemade breads, soups, and desserts. And though you want to save yourself for the evening's lobster bake, when you see lunch you just can't help yourself.

Through out the afternoon you enjoy the beautiful scenery and take lots of pictures. If you didn't bring your own, you can borrow our binoculars to get a close-up view of a ledge covered with seals or perhaps an eagle sitting in a treetop. There's even time to take a nap, steer the schooner, or read a few chapters of that book that you've been trying to get to.
Anchor drop at sunset Double rainbows after a summer thunder storm
You really don't want the sailing to end, but you hear the anchor drop and it's time to help take the sails down. Ah, this is the island where you will have a lobster bake, and you are amazed at how easily everyone gets ashore and how effortless it seems to cook that many lobsters. There appears to be a never-ending supply and you never imagined you'd ever say no to yet another one.
Kids love taking a turn at the wheel! A little R&R: Rest & Reading It's a pirate's life for us!
The Evans specializes in family trips. Special 'family trips' were created on the Evans in 1988 and by 2003 we were welcoming children on all of our cruises. We've earned the reputation of "the family boat" because we spend lots of time ashore exploring and have activities and food for the whole family. Our family adventures are the perfect way to introduce kids to the wide world beyond TV, video games, and the mall. It is an opportunity for unparalleled experiential learning, where your children will have the opportunity to experience the sea in a safe and comfortable environment. We don't stress education, but everyone learns something about nature, maritime history, and teamwork on a schooner. We even carry our own lobster traps and fishing poles.
Maine's beaches at sunset are incredibly lovely.
Enjoy a walk around the beach while the sunset paints the sky overhead. You wish you could live like this forever, and you wish you'd signed up for a longer cruise. The best part is that tomorrow will be another day spent sailing on the Evans!